Environmental and energy policy of the company

We will continue to represent the standards of our stakeholders as per DIN EN ISO 14001 and DIN EN ISO 50001 at the Grävenwiesbach and Weilmünster locations. In particular, we will

  • consider the protection of the environment in all areas of our business activities,
  • implement all necessary and economically reasonable measures for the protection of the environment and resource efficiency beyond legal requirements,
  • strive for continuous improvement through specific goals, measures and reviews.

To do so, we have established an integrated management system consisting of quality, environmental and energy standards in consideration of occupational and health safety in order to identify and evaluate our stakeholders’ needs with the greatest possible efficiency. Here we also evaluate opportunities and risks for the company in all areas. Furthermore, we strive to have a consistent database.

Across all the phases of product development and product use, we engage in fair collaboration in consideration of economical and ecological challenges. To ensure this, we hold an open and constructive dialogue with all stakeholders, particularly customers, suppliers, service providers as well as government agencies and the public.

As a company, we are furthermore committed to our employees by maintaining and expanding upon the systematic promotion of knowledge and skills. To do so, we rely on team-oriented collaboration across all areas of the company. Ideas are evaluated and promoted in a targeted way.

We are confident that only through the incorporation of occupational and health safety for our employees, environmental and resource protection throughout the life cycle of our products as well as the quality delivered to the satisfaction of our customers can we ensure sustainable, long-term growth.

Code of Conduct

Responsible treatment of employees, business partners and our environment is important to us, for which reason we would like to ensure across the entire supply chain that this reputation is also upheld by our suppliers and service providers and their subcontractors.

We would like to highlight that the following rule is part of our business relationship:

Compliance/Code of Conduct

  1. The contractor shall be obligated to adhere to the relevant legal regulations on the treatment of employees, on environmental protection and on occupational safety as well as to work on minimising sustained impacts on people and the environment in its activities. Furthermore, the contractor must demonstrate, upon request, that it has implemented a code of conduct that adheres to the principles of the UN Global Compact. These essentially concern the protection of international human rights, the right to collective bargaining, the abolition of forced and child labour, the elimination of discrimination in employment, the responsibility for the environment and the prevention of corruption.
    Moreover, the contractor is committed to complying with the code of conduct.
  2. In case the contractor acts illegally repeatedly and/or despite relevant notification and does not demonstrate that the violation of law has been remedied to the extent possible and appropriate precautions for avoiding future violations of the law have been taken, Grünewald reserves the right to rescind existing contracts and/or terminate them without notice.

We assume you share these feelings and look forward to continuing to work with you.