Werner Grünewald developed special machines for the production of homokinetic joints and expanded the manufacture of joint shafts to large-scale production.
The location in Grävenwiesbach grew with the production of equipment, special machines, tools and prototypes for the automotive and machine construction industry.


The branch plant in Weilmünster was built specifically for the production of joint shafts.
The location in Grävenwiesbach was expanded, and an indoor pool was added to the spa.


Fire at the Weilmünster plant – an event that presented a great challenge for all involved. 50% of the machines and production areas were completely destroyed. The emergency plan, temporarily shifting production to Grävenwiesbach, was implemented effectively, and, three months later, production started again in Weilmünster.


Josef Grünewald founded the company Josef Grünewald Feinmaschinenbau with his sons Hans and Werner in Grävenwiesbach, Germany, and they started the production of padlocks in a wooden barrack. It was already at this time that close collaboration began with Löhr & Bromkamp in Offenbach and the development and production of homokinetic joints for the automotive and machine construction industry.


Construction of a 5,000-m² production hall for the production of NAG driveshafts for our customer Daimler.

As a certified supplier in accordance with ISO/IATF 16949: 2009, environmental management DIN EN ISO 14001:2009 and energy management 50001 for the automotive and machine construction industry, today the company works in the toll manufacturing mainly of joint shafts, driveshafts and pinion shafts for transmissions, equipment, tools and special machines as well as inductive and case hardening work.

The flexibility of the medium-sized company allows it to quickly resolve complex issues in the building of models and prototypes as well as in mass production.

Today’s core of personnel consists of 152 employees, who are mainly technicians trained in-house and have up to 50 years of work experience.

Grünewald’s company policy is determined by the managers. Long-term, medium-term and short-term goals are reviewed and revised at regular intervals.