Who we are

We have been a family-operated company for generations now and want to ensure continued success. In doing so, our focus has been on healthy economic growth coupled with moderate profits that do not come at the expense of people or nature. We feel equally obligated to our customers, our partners and our employees, which is why we strive to treat our staff like family.

We know our team’s strengths and make use of the creativity, experience and initiative of each one of our employees.
We provide for the professional and personal development of our employees.
We encourage and foster an open approach to each other.

For us, compliance with all laws and provisions is, of course, essential for socially responsible business.

Values and standards of behaviour

Respect, tolerance, appreciation and trust are values that determine how we do business every day.
We make clear arrangements with each other and monitor whether they are followed.
We see conflicts as an opportunity for improvement and innovation.

Customer-oriented business

The high quality of our products and services is critical to our success on the market.
We are committed to our customers’ success and therefore support them in their operations. They are our indirect employers.
We rely on trusting collaboration and reciprocal, ongoing relationships with our customers, suppliers and other business partners.
To us, the assessment of our services by customers represents an important instrument for constant improvement.

Employee-oriented business

Our employees contribute greatly to the company’s success, and we appreciate them for it.
Treating each other like family is the basis for the community atmosphere exemplified by our management team.

Managers are role models for their employees, whom they challenge and promote both socially and professionally. Ongoing exchange of information, teamwork, initiative and responsible actions by each and every individual characterise our work atmosphere.