Accommodating our customers’ needs is our highest priority. This is why we have established a comprehensive and integrated management system at our company. Quality is an essential component of each step in the process and is therefore upheld by our employees.

The focus here is placed on our zero-error strategy and the measures extrapolated from it in order to implement it.

To achieve this goal, Grünewald introduced a quality management system early on. The planning, management and monitoring of individual activities is firmly established, regularly reviewed for effectiveness and examined for opportunities for constant improvement.

This includes the annual establishment of general and process-oriented goals.

During production, high quality is ensured by constantly monitoring production conditions and considering all factors that may affect quality.

By complying with IATF 16949, we not only meet industrial standards but also the stricter requirements of the automotive industry. Additional requirements for environmental management and energy management are reviewed and satisfied in annual certifications as per DIN EN ISO 14001 and EN ISO 50001:2011.

Guiding principles of our quality policy:

  • Satisfy the customer’s needs and expectations
  • Ensure our employees’ know-how, promote and expand it with regular advanced training courses
  • Reinforce quality awareness at all levels
  • Reflect and elucidate employee’s understanding of the product quality achieved
  • Zero-error strategy in all processes down to the individual step